1. The Longest Fight in Boxing History 


Jack Burke and Andy Bowens.

 Andy Bowen and Jack Burke

Have you ever fought 110 rounds and lasted 7 hours and 19 minutes in the ring? Well, Andy Bowen and Jack Burke are able to claim just that!

The Andy Bowen vs. Jack Burke match occurred in 1893, at the Olympic Club in New Orleans. Both men were classified in the lightweight division and had several years of practice under their belts. Reports have even indicated they both lost 10 pounds during the fight. Despite the boxers’ persistence, the referee declared a ‘no contest’, bringing the history making bout to an end.

2. The Origins of Boxing

Despite popular belief, boxing did not originate in the Western world. Although much of its popularity can be traced back to parts of Europe and North America, Egypt is its founder. The first record of boxing can be traced back to 3000 BC in Egypt. It was later introduced to the Olympic Games in 688 BC by Ancient Greece.

3. Man vs. Bear       

Man vs Bear – Gus Waldorf

In 1949, boxer Gus Waldorf was involved in a professional fight with a bear. The match was held in a caged ring and followed boxing protocol. The bear’s claws and teeth were restricted through the use of a muzzle and special bear-sized boxing gloves. In the end, the bear claimed victory against Waldorf, leaving him with several injuries.

4. The Record for Most Knockouts in a Career

Billy Bird

While it has been rumoured that the title for most knockouts in a career is held by Archie Moore, who’s record stands at 132, Billy Bird beats this record by six!

Billy Bird was a professional boxer from Britain, who was active between 1920 and 1948. He fought a total of 356 times, amassing 260 wins and 138 knockouts in 28 years. Despite his success in the ring, he was never awarded an official title, with this being the main reason his record remains overshadowed.

5. The Significance of the Term Amateur

In an everyday context the term amateur usually refers to someone just starting out in a sport or activity. However, this is far from the definition in boxing!

Amateur signifies Olympic style boxing competitors who are not designated as professionals.

6. The Youngest Boxer to Win a Title

Wilfred Benitez

Mike Tyson is often seen as the youngest boxer to be awarded a world title at the age of 20. However, his record only stands in the heavyweight division.

At 17-years-old, Wilfred Benitez became the overall youngest world champion in 1976. The boxer turned pro at 15, proclaiming himself “The Bible of Boxing” for his expert technique. In his career, Benitez fought 62 matches and accumulated 53 wins.

7. The Fastest Knockout

The November 1947 Golden Gloves tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota, holds the record for the fastest knockout in boxing history. The Mike Collins vs Pat Brownson fight saw two skilled components go head-to-head for an entire four seconds! It took Collins only one punch to knockout Brownson, in what looks to be one of the most unbeatable records in the sport!

8. The 5 Types of Boxing Styles

Generally, the average person, or those just starting out in the ring, are unaware of the five unique styles of boxing.

Pressure Fighter: Pressure fighters, like Manny Pacquiao, focus on punching at a high volume. These boxers overwhelm their opponents with the number of combinations they deliver.

Out-Boxer: Out-boxers focus on technique, using the advantage of height and reach to knock out their opponents. This style includes boxing legends Floyd Mayweather and Muhammed Ali. 

Slugger: Sluggers, like Ricky Hatton and Arturo Gatti, fight with strength and force. They unleash destructive hits through raw power and are capable of single punch takedowns.

Counter Puncher: A counter puncher has incredible technique, boxing with the skill needed to avoid their opponent’s strikes. Boxers like Sugar Ray Robinson and Juan Marquez favour this style above others.

Boxer-Puncher: Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard both use this dynamic style, which combines pressure fighting and out-boxing

9. The Richest Boxing Match


The highest grossing boxing match goes to the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight, which was held in May of 2015. The fight generated $600 million in revenue and saw the two multiple weight champions clash in a historic brawl. The match ended in victory for Mayweather, who took home $250 million and Pacquiao’s WBO belt. Pacquiao received $80 million, despite his push for a 50/50 split.

Taylor Villa is a Queens University undergraduate student in a dual major program of political studies and sociology, and a freelance writer specializing in Wellness.