Cheering Sara Haghighat-joo to Victory in New Delhi, India

Sara Haghighat-Joo wearing a press pass and standing in front of a poster advertising the Women’s World Boxing Championship in New Delhi, India.

Sara Haghighat-joo, Becoming a Legend

IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships is underway in New Delhi, India. Sara Haghighat-joo travelled with Head Coach Stevie Bailey to take on the world. This tournament includes 65 nations competing across 12 weight categories from March 15th to March 26th. The best versus the best, that’s why Sara, representing Sierra Leone, is there.

The flight was long but well worth it, when Sara arrived, she was invited to the official press conference and placed at the top table with the IBA president, the BFI President, and two Olympic and World Champions. She was honoured.

This Saturday, March 18th, in the round of 32, Sara will be facing the winner between Venezuela vs Kenya. The show starts at 14:00 (New Delhi, India time), Sara is bout Number 8. 

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