Famous Father-Son Duos in Boxing

In sport and childhood, it is common that children look up to their fathers as some of their first mentors in life. Fathers are often responsible for teaching their children how to ride a bike, throw a ball and in some cases throw a punch. Boxing can be handed down through generations as somewhat of a tradition in some families. Some of the most well-known and prestigious names in the fight game are a father-son duo: Floyd and Tracy Harris Patterson, Floyd and Floyd Mayweather JR and Julio Cesar and Julio Cesar Chavex. All of these fighters hold extremely impressive fighting records because they are driven by the passion, support and motivation received from both ends of the relationship.

However, you don’t necessarily have to train to be a pro to share the special bond a father and son can build through boxing.  The quality time spent between father and child boxing, and the milestones achieved throughout the training journey are non-replaceable and often the foundation of solid and healthy life long bonds. In a sport such as boxing, some of the obvious life lessons that are taught include dedication, discipline, confidence and self-belief. These are essential traits for not only sport but for life. By developing these traits side by side with your child, you’re showing them that you are not only in their corner in the ring, but also in their life. Start developing this special bond and join the West End Athletic Club with your child.

The West End Athletic Club wishes our community a Happy Father’s Day.