Friday Night Fights Part II is in the Books!

Two boxers, one dressed in blue and one in red, fighting in a ring inside West End AC in Toronto.

Amateur boxing at its best surrounded by our supportive community.

With over 400 people in attendance, Friday Night Fights 2.0 was a huge success. We at West End Athletic Club cannot thank our community enough for the outpouring of support for these athletes. Our goal is to highlight up-and-coming Amateur Boxers, providing them a venue and spectators to showcase their abilities and challenge their skills.

A shoutout to our own Amateur Boxing Team, who train hard and are guided by the best that West End AC has to offer. Coach Stevie Bailey, Coach and Program Boxing Director, has created a pathway for individuals of any skill level to come and train with the opportunity to compete at the amateur level if they choose.

400 spectators sitting in chairs and standing around the boxing ring inside West End Athletic Club in Toronto for their second Friday Night Fights event.

Over 400 spectators getting ready to enjoy the second annual Friday Night Fights event!

Friday Night Fights not only highlights the talent in our area but is also a reflection of our amazing community, members, staff, Coaches, and competitors. This was a united effort that reflects the core values of West End AC, to work harder and stronger in a community that cares for one another and champions each other’s success.

Thank you also to our professional fighters, who were all in attendance and handed out medals to each of the winners.

A spectator who attended the event shared their thoughts in an email the following morning:

“Thank you for all your excellent hospitality on Friday night. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was my first time attending a boxing event. The West End Athletic Club is a state-of-the-art boxing gym. I was very impressed aesthetically with the look and layout of the gym. I loved all the boxing posters all across the gym.”

We invite you to join our community, come for a FREE TRIAL, and see what West End Athletic Club is all about.