How to Stay Safe at the Gym


Although it definitely hasn’t been “fitness as usual”, getting back to gym has remained a priority for many during the pandemic and for good reason. After a year full of lockdowns and restrictions, more people than ever are living sedentary lifestyles, which has been proven to lower the immune system and increase the risk of physical and mental illnesses. Here at West End AC, we know that staying active is not only one of our best defences against COVID-19 but is a key factor to living a long and healthy life!

At the West End Athletic Club, you can rest assured that we have all the required COVID-19 safety protocols in place and then some.

Despite the ever-changing rules and restrictions, there are still lots of ways for you to safely enjoy a meaningful workout. To help ease any anxieties you might have, we’re going to give you a few examples.


The first change we’ve made is that both our open gym and group class sessions are now by appointment only.  This will allow us to control the number of people in at West End and to properly prepare for each session.

Personal equipment, such as boxing gloves, mats, and shoes, will not be provided and it is recommended you bring your own. For larger gym equipment, cleaning supplies have been provided throughout the facility to make it easy for members to sanitize anything they use. This also helps our staff to ensure the facility stays disinfected by conducting thorough daily sanitization.

Another big defence against COVID-19 is to frequently wash and disinfect our hands, so we’ve placed several TouchFree sanitizing stations throughout the gym. Efforts to reduce contact have also become a main priority, which we have addressed through, for example, auto-opening doors and auto-filling water stations!  Bring your own bottles or we have some for sale at the gym.

Ventilation is also extremely important, so rest assured that our gym has the proper HVAC and fresh air exchange systems in place.

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the precautions, we’ve taken at West End AC, let’s looks at some of the ways our members can help keep each other safe and comfortable.


The first step is to maintain a distance of six feet from any other member. West End AC has already set up areas and guidelines specifically to accommodate this.

Next is to consider what type of workout you’re doing. Use your common sense to determine if you need more than six feet of space and if you do, make an effort to adjust your routine in accordance with recommendations. 

West End AC members and staff are required to wear a mask outside of training, but you’re also more than welcome to wear one during your workout too! The CDC and several other experts say it’s completely safe to wear a mask while exercising and that it will not cause any detriments to your health.

Most importantly, STAY HOME if you’re feeling sick. Make sure to be vigilant at the presence of any COVID-19 related symptoms, like a cough, fever, chills, and shortness of breath. Keep yourself quarantined until a COVID-19 test can be administered and its results are received as negative. 

Always remember to keep yourself educated, as the more research you do, the safer you and our staff and members will be! If we all do our part to follow these guidelines and precautions, a better experience at the gym can be achieved together.

VANESSA VILLA is an OCAD U graduate, graphic designer, illustrator, nature photographer, and freelance writer specializing in Health and Wellness. Follow Vanessa on IG @van3ssavilla