January West End Warriors Challenge

Start the new decade off by challenging yourself and taking your work-outs to the next level. Join a great group of people who will support you in reaching your goals while holding each other accountable.

PROMOTION: 20% OFF when purchase before January 1st.

Challenge Start Date: January 6th

Challenge End Date: March 2nd

Duration: 8 weeks

The Challenge consists of:
  • 32 classes (4 per week)
  • 5 weigh-ins (initial + every 2 weeks)
  • Body Composition measurements
  • 2 Nutritional consultations and Customized meal plan
  • Weekly Challenges (included in the grading system)
  • Before and after photos (optional)
  • Exclusive West End Warriors t-shirt
  • Discounted Private Training
  • 24/7 daily Accountability Group Chat
  • 24/7 Support and Guidance from West End Coaches.

Adrian is our first place winner of our last Challenge. Read an excerpt of what Adrian had to say when he was asked whether he would recommend the West End Warriors Challenge…”yeah, absolutely, I would definitely recommend it. Having the accountability of the whole group keeps you motivated. Having the individual nutrition plan was a big key to success for a lot of us. I notice the difference now. I get how my body was storing fat instead of burning it. It changed how I look at everything! It just makes life easier. Being healthier, being fit makes life so much better. You feel more confident, you exude that confidence and people notice. Why not be healthy? Why not be fit? That’s it! I notice a complete difference!”

Do you want to learn more about our January Challenge? Call us at 416-621-1234!