West End AC coach John Bako standing in the boxing ring at the Toronto Boxing and Fitness Gym.

John Bako


“A man that is a friend to everybody is an enemy to himself.” -Mike Tyson


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  • Boxing
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  • Amateur Boxing

Coaching Philosophy:
As an amateur boxing coach, my coaching philosophy for speed is to focus on developing the essential skills and techniques that enhance your boxers’ speed and agility in the ring.

Here are some key elements to consider:

1. Proper Technique: Emphasize the importance of correct technique in executing punches, footwork, and defensive movements. We teach your boxers to maintain proper form while maximizing their speed.

2. Conditioning: Implement a comprehensive conditioning program that includes cardiovascular exercises, plyometrics, and agility drills. This will improve your boxers’ overall speed, explosiveness, and endurance.

3. Speed Drills: Incorporate specific speed drills into your training sessions. Examples include shadow boxing at high speed, reaction drills with focus mitts or a coach, and speed bag workouts. These drills will help improve hand and foot speed, reaction time, and coordination.


A young and ambitious entrepreneur who has made a remarkable mark in the cleaning industry. With a passion for business and a dedication to excellence, he has successfully built a thriving cleaning business that has garnered recognition and trust from clients across Ontario.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned coach and mentor, Stevie Bailey, I have been under his tutelage for the past decade. Learning invaluable lessons in amateur boxing, coaching strategy, and interpersonal skills, I have applied these teachings to develop a unique and successful approach to the boxing world.


Favourite Pre-Workout Fuel:
Lean Proteins: High-quality protein sources like chicken, fish, lean beef, or plant-based alternatives are essential for muscle recovery and growth. Consuming protein before a workout can aid in muscle repair and prevent muscle breakdown during intense training.

Favourite Post-Workout Fuel:
A protein shake

Favourite Rest Day Fuel:
No need for a rest day just a big bowl of rose penne pasta will get you through

Interested in working with Coach John? Reach out to the coaching staff at the West End AC by emailing info@westendac.com.