Lewis vs Tyson Heavyweight Boxing Championship Fight 2002

June 8, 2002

The Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Lewis-Tyson: IsOn in June of 2002 was a heavyweight match to earn the WBC, IBO, IBF, and The Ring championship titles. The bout was highly anticipated after the initial 2002 press conference, for their fight went sour when the two boxers broke into a brawl. 

Tyson attempted to assault Lewis… 

When he came out on stage but was intervened by his camp. This led Tyson to left hook Lewis’ bodyguard and attack Lewis head-on while also threatening those around him and biting the leg of the WBC president. 

Tyson’s actions during the brawl influenced the date of the fight, as it was initially set for April 2002; however, Nevada and other states refused his request for a boxing license. Memphis was the only state to grant him a permit. They arranged the fight at The Pyramid and promoted the match through pay-per-view and as a live event. The general consensus was that Lewis would take home the title.

Lewis vs Tyson

The fight began on even ground. 

The boxers were engaged in back-and-forth actions, with the men landing repeated blows on each other. The first round was awarded to Tyson, while the second round was given to Lewis. Lewis concentrated on his jab during the third round and used a headbutt, which dealt a cut right above Tyson’s right eye.  

In the fourth, Tyson’s face was visibly swollen, and Lewis began to push him back into a corner. Tyson was knocked to the ground, but the action was considered a slip and Lewis was deducted points for his involvement in the slip. 

Round five was when the match began to turn in Lewis’ favour. 

Tyson was weakening, landing fewer hits, and throwing fewer punches. Exhaustion was evident, especially as Lewis continued to jab him in the following round. Tyson was thrown off balance and overpowered in the seventh, putting up minimal resistance. 

With 47 seconds left in the eighth round…

A winner was finally named. Lewis landed a right cross on Tyson, which sent him onto the ring’s canvas, unable to get up and continue fighting. Lewis was thus considered the winner by the referee and judges, claiming victory by KO. Lewis vs Tyson was declared the Knockout of the Year by The Ring, and the fight went on to make history as one of the most notable and viewed bouts ever. 

Lewis vs. Tyson match highlights

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