Miguel Valdez Profile

Miguel Valdez

AKA: “Coach Migs”


  • NASM  Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach
  • DTS Certified Conditioning Coach
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• Female Strength Training
•Combat Sports Strength and Conditioning
•Youth Sports Development

Coaching Philosophy:

“it is important not to be better than someone else, but be better than yesterday.” – Kanō Jigorō.

At the age of 9, Miguel began training in Competitive Swimming, igniting his passion for fitness.

In 2015 Miguel, along with a few other passionate individuals, started the Brampton Barbell Club – an Ontario Powerlifting Association affiliated team with athletes competing at the local, Provincial and National level. Miguel would then go on to compete in powerlifting and broke the Canadian Powerlifting Federation (CPF) Junior National 75kg Bench Press record.

After breaking the record, Miguel switched his focus to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and began competing in both Gi and No Gi under the Jiu-Jitsu For Life Team. Miguel is now a Purple Belt under Professor David Mosleh and is still an active competitor, with most recently placing Gold as a featherweight at the 2022 Canadian Nationals.

Miguel’s drive and passion for self improvement has translated into an incredible focus to better himself as a coach. Miguel has trained combat athletes across multiple disciplines at both a Professional and Amateur level.

In 2022 Miguel worked with athletes such as:

  • Janine Mutton – 2022 AJP World Champion, 2022 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds Bronze Medalist
  • Dina Zahreddine – 2022 WAKO Canada National Champion, 2022 WAKO Jr World Championships Silver Medalist
  • Isla Estepa – 2022 Canadian National Cadet Champion, 2022 Pan American Taekwondo Union Cadet Silver Medalist, 2022 Presidents Cup Cadet Champion
  • Alexis Chiappette-Saccetti – 2022 WAKO Canada National Silver Medalist, 2022 WAKO Jr World Championships Bronze Medalist

Client Testimonials:

“As a Team Canada boxer, before I began training at the Olympic Centre in Montreal, I had a chance to work and train with Miguel in 2020.

Initially, Miguel is a credible strength & conditioning coach, not just because of his certifications but his experience training with various athletes from different sports.

Furthermore, an essential trait Miguel has as a strength and conditioning coach is recognizing my sport’s kinetic links and adopting a sport specific program to deliver in my performance.

Anyone from beginner to elite level, Miguel will surely accommodate your goals and push you towards them or new limits.” –  Justin Parina, 5x National Boxing Champion.

“This guy has honestly done some of the best conditioning in sports performance work I’ve ever done!

My man is extremely professional and I recommend to everybody out there looking to take their fitness game to the next level!!!

Anyone from beginner to elite level, Miguel will surely accommodate your goals and push you towards them or new limits.” – Malcom “X” Gordon, UFC Flyweigth and former TKO, WXC and HFC Flyweigth Champion as well as former PMMA Bantamweigth Champion.

“For the first 6 months of my black belt career, I knew I was in deep waters and I needed something to put me over the edge. Miguel contacted me and from that moment things started to shift.

I started winning more, submitting more, performing better and making it to the biggest pro podiums in the world.I’ve never felt more confident in my matches.

Miguel’s training really helped me balance my conditioning schedule so when it came time to perform I could do just that.

I was overtraining like a bodybuilder before and either getting too sore to have a good training session or having to quit lifting 2 weeks out of a major to make weight, which ultimately led to no gains. I have only had to miss a single session in the week as a “deload” with Mig. All of his programming also equips me with the “pre-hab” movements that make athletes less prone to injury as well.

If you don’t already train with him then stop wasting precious time, reach out and level up!”
– Janine Mutton, 2x AJP World Champion and 2022 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds Bronze Medalist.

“Miguel has been a tremendous help to myself and the team.

Being a clinic that mainly works with athletes, our job is always to rehab our athletes to peak performance.

He has helped our patients return back to their sports stronger and more powerful than before with his unique combination of strength training and sport specific exercises.

I highly recommend Miguel to anybody wanting to excel in their sport along with becoming the strongest version of themselves!”” – James Lu, Owner of Lu Strength & Therapy and BJJ Brown Belt.

Interested in working with Coach Miguel? Reach out to the coaching staff at West End AC by emailing info@westendac.com.