Mobility Classes

Dr. Robert Villa’s Mobility Class

Our typical day-to-day lives simply do not utilize our body’s full movement potential and essentially what it was built to do. Subsequently, this causes us to lose any joint ranges of motion that we do not daily use and control.
Sure, you may walk from the parking lot, to your desk; and you may even take the stairs at times, but this is not what is meant by fulfilling our body’s movement needs. How often do you bend your knees passed 90 degrees, or twist your arm behind your back free of pain? These, along with many other end range activities are neglected day to day, and at some point when we are forced to use them, be it in the gym while training, or on the field attempting to catch a ball; or even as you attempt to bend down and pick up a toy as you hold your new born son, this is when an injury may occur.

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This inevitably leads to:
• Joint aches and pains
• Osteo-arthritis
• Overuse injuries
• Stiffness
• Swelling
• Strains and sprains
These classes are a way for us to interject our essential joint motions that we otherwise never employ. A movement-based mobility class focused on improving the way you move, not through flexibility, but via the control of your joint ranges and strength through such motions.
It will improve joint function and health, movement capacity, strength, coordination and muscle tone. This is not your typical relaxing flexibility training. Expect to challenge your body and work at progressing your mobility.

It is my job to provide you with the tools to incorporate such mobility and movement training into your daily lives, as well as offering multiple time slots per week where you can enjoy the company of others and together improve the way you move and feel.


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