Muhammad Ali Charity Fight of 1977

Thursday August 24, 1977
Baltimore Civic Centre, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

In 1977, former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali went to Baltimore, Maryland in honour of and to raise money for the Nation of Islam mosque. Boxers and representatives of media organizations had the opportunity to fight Ali one-on-one in the ring in exchange for promoting this charity. This event was one of many Ali had hosted in Baltimore for various charitable reasons, such as anti-drugs.

Everyone that faced off against the legend agreed it was a surreal experience. Mfume, who fought Ali as a representative of his radio station, explained it as light-hearted and fun, expressing that everyone who went up against the pro was allowed to get one good hit on him. The charity event and meeting Ali was said to have been inspirational, as his expertise on boxing and politics were a refreshing break between bouts.