National Fitness Day at Toronto’s PRO SUPERSHOW

With fitness people from all over Canada and the United States of America in town, there was no other choice but for the West End Athletic Club team to be a part of a fun-filled weekend at the annual Toronto Pro SuperShow. Buffed and tanned bodies all came together under one roof at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to shop the best sports equipment, apparel and nutrition, all while watching the annual bodybuilding competitions.

Each person glowed with a passion for athleticism, wellness and sports and were walking around to check out the 130 booths lined up. Out of the many businesses present, West End Athletic Club was the only one of its type.

Our coaches and members stepped up to our mini stage to do boxing demonstrations all weekend. With lots of punches, laughs and smiles, our team showcased boxfit techniques, skipping, shadow boxing and pad work. Crowds of people formed around the stage to watch Coach Vinny Cappuccitti, Coach Soc Celestial, Coach Sweta Srivastava and Coach Tommy Tomines do mock training sessions and ask questions.

Although most vendors were there to sell their products, West End Athletic Club went with the goal to educate and excite people over the premium boxing and fitness training we offer and prove why the full-body benefits of boxing is trending in the fitness world.

It was another great opportunity for the West End Athletic club family to extend our passion for boxing to our community. Many people who stopped by our booth were intrigued by our inclusivity of young athletes and women, variety of fitness and wellness services, and the vintage-inspired atmosphere of our facility that is truly like no other.

The West End Athletic Club would like to thank all of our coaches, members and volunteers for coming out with an immense amount of energy to support our booth and showcase what we have to offer our members.