Noah Park

AKA: “Coach Noah”


  • International Amateur Boxer
  • Arizona State Champion 141 lbs
  • USA Boxing Safesport Certification
  • USA Boxing Green Certification


“You never lose until you actually give up” Mike Tyson

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• Boxing fundamentals

Coaching Philosophy:

“I teach a style heavily rooted in the basics, I think a good foundation in everything is a key to success”

Noah lives a life fully immersed in the boxing lifestyle. He currently travels between multiple countries to compete. He’s competed on the national stage in multiple sports growing up and understands the level of commitment and mental fortitude required to be a competitor. He has experience working with beginners all the way to amateur fighters, with an emphasis on keeping the workouts mentally stimulating.

Favourite Pre-Workout Fuel:
Oatmeal and peanut butter with fruit

Favourite Post-Workout Fuel:
Ribeye steak

Favourite Rest-Day Fuel:
Korean BBQ

Interested in working with Coach Noah? Reach out to the coaching staff at West End AC by emailing