Proudly Presenting West End Athletic Club 2023 Award Winners

West End Athletic Club staff holding drinks in a cheers in front of the boxing ring at the Toronto boxing and fitness gym.

West End Athletic Club would like to thank its staff, members, and community for an amazing 2023…Cheers!

At West End Athletic Club there never seems to be a shortage of reasons to celebrate and 2023 proved to have many. From our members to staff and our amateurs to our pros, we are proud that our mission continues to support individuals in working harder and being stronger. We congratulate our 2023 West End AC Award Winners:

 West End AC Coach Stevie Bailey dressed in black, standing beside Tristan Costa who is wearing boxing gloves and a medal inside the Toronto boxing gym.

Coach Stevie Bailey and Tristan Costa

Most Consistent: Tristan Costa

Tristan trains in various sports, came to West End with minimal boxing knowledge, and wanted to sharpen his skills. Tristan partakes in daily Group Boxing Classes and Open Gym. He is also a part of the West End Amateur Fight Team with 2 fights under his belt. 

West End Community Stand Out: Misha Ideltchik

A Youth Member and Coach with an incredible work ethic, and always wanting to improve. Misha started with West End AC when he turned 14 years old. Since his time here, he’s grown tremendously; starting with Boxing, adding Muay Thai, and MMA while keeping a very high level of fitness.

He has become an even greater part of the West End community by completing his coaching qualification with Boxing Ontario. Misha now teaches the Little Warriors on Saturdays and doesn’t miss a Muay Thai or MMA class!

Vinny Cappuccitti standing beside Misha Ideltchik who is wearing a medal around his neck and a West End Athletic Club t-shirt.

Coach Vinny Cappuccitti and Coach Misha Ideltchik

Coach Stevie Bailey is standing inside the boxing ring at Toronto’s West End Athletic Club beside Ann Frazer who is wearing all black and holding her medal.

Ann Frazer and Coach Stevie Bailey

Volunteer of The Year: Anne Frazer

If you happen to see someone toting around a big camera and snapping shots at West End AC, chances are you’ve just met Anne! Anne has been lifting weights for over 15 years and since 2018, Anne has been an enthusiastic part of the West End community. Anne is always the first member to put a helping hand out with anything, like being an incredible help at the Taste of the Kingsway and helping set up our West End Fight Nights.

Coach Stevie Bailey is standing beside Alex Cambell, inside the boxing ring at West End Athletic Club. Alex is wearing his medal and both men are holding up one fist.

Alex Cambell and Coach Stevie Bailey

Amateur Fighter of The Year: Alex Cambell

Alex has been Coached by Stevie Bailey over the years since becoming part of the West End Team. He has consistently been ranking higher as an amateur fighter and is a valued member of West End AC. In addition, Alex has become a mentor in the up-and-coming amateur fights, adding another component to his boxing repertoire. Within the next year, Alex looks to compete at the International Level with the goal of turning pro.

Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki is standing in the boxing ring at West End Athletic Club in Toronto with both hands up in fight position wearing black boxing gloves.

Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki

Pro Fighter of the Year: Ryan Rozicki 

Ryan joined West End Athletic Club with Stevie Bailey in early 2022 and has been a fan favourite ever since with all the staff and our members. His career has continued to progress since joining West End with 5 fights in the last 12 months and has gone from top 20 to the Number 1 World-Ranked Contender in his division with the WBC. This makes Ryan the next fighter to Challenge for the World Title. We couldn’t be more excited!

Standing outside the boxing ring at West End Athletic Club in Toronto are brothers Peter and Michael Votsis. Both boys are wearing all black and holding up their medals.

Peter and Michael Votsis

Prospect of the Year: Peter Votsis & Michael Votsis

The Votsis family found West End a year ago in early December and attended last year’s Holiday Party. A few days later Peter and Michael both signed up as members for our Youth Boxing Program and quickly stood out as dedicated athletes.

With hard work and commitment, both boys earned spots within our adult/competitive stream. The Votsis family shows incredible support to West End by attending pro fights and amateur fights.

Peter and Michael attend Group Classes daily, have become a part of the West End Amateur Fight Team, and are both interested in getting their first fight in 2024. Watch out! 

Jeremy Miazga-Grzybek, wearing a West End AC Boxing shirt standing beside James Currie who has his medal around his neck. Both are standing in fight positions.

Coach Jeremy Miazga-Grzybek and James Currie

Most Improved Youth: James Currie

First hearing about boxing at Taste of the Kingsway, James Currie decided it was something he would like to try. What started out as curiosity has turned into a passion for James where he comes in early, is kind to all fellow members, and is committed 2 times per week. James has been learning and building his boxing fundamentals quickly in a few short months at an incredible rate!

Most Visits in Open Gym: Akos Jankura

In one year, Akos has been to 115 open gym visits! At 85 years young, Akos’s consistency is unmatched. He is an overall sports enthusiast partaking in cycling fundraising events and attending West End daily for either Weight Training, Cardio, or Boxing.

Akos loves to show his support by volunteering within the community, helping at our Taste of the Kingsway West End booth, and attending all West End events like Amateur Fight Nights.

Akos is a true inspiration and is the highlight of our day when we see him in the gym! We all hope to be still training that hard at his age.

Jeremy Miazga-Grzybek, in all black, stands beside West End Athletic Club member Akos Jankura who is holding up a hand showing #1 with this finger.

Akos Jankura and Coach Jeremy Miazga-Grzybek

Tommy Glonczi stands beside Dom Williams inside the West End Athletic Club gym in Toronto.

Dom Williams and Coach Tommy Glonczi

Most Visits in Group Class: Dom Williams

Within the year, Dom has attended 172 Group Classes! He is a die-hard boxing fan and always shows support at all West End events. You can catch Dom in the morning with the 7am crew for the Group Classes and then always doing some extra work with weights.

Niles Santos is pointing to his right at member Julian Pettit who is smiling and wearing his medal. They are inside the West End Athletic Club boxing and fitness gym, standing under a red speed bag.

Julian Pettit and Coach Niles Santos

Most Visits Overall: Julian Pettit 

Within the year, Julian has been to West End AC 218 times (219 including awards night)! Julian tops the chart attending both Group Classes and Open Gym. You can find him at the gym early for the 7am Fitness Boxing Class, then again in the evening finishing his day with Weight Training.

Coach Stevie Bailey and Danny Quattrociocchi both smiling, standing beside each other, in front of a punching bag at West End Athletic Club in Toronto.

Danny Quattrociocchi and Coach Stevie Bailey

Most Private Training Visits: Danny Quattrociocchi

With 144 Private Training workouts, Danny is a very consistent and hard-working individual who loves to show his West End support wherever he goes. Danny can be seen throughout the week, sometimes even training twice daily, and frequently visiting our Espresso Bar. Danny does Private Training almost every day. In addition, on Tuesday nights, he adds another Private Training session while his 2 daughters, Victoria and Valentina, participate in the Youth Boxing Program. 

Vinny Cappuccitti is standing on Tommy Glonczi’s right side with Jeremy Miazga-Grzybek on his left. They are inside the gym at West End Athletic Club in Toronto.

Coaches Vinny Cappuccitti, Tommy Glonczi and Jeremy Miazga-Grzybek

Coach of the Year: Tommy Glonczi 

Tommy has been a part of the West End AC team for just over a year. He has accumulated great boxing experience, and his class attendance is a reflection of his experience. Tommy has worked hard to produce video content and provides a fast-paced and dynamic class for members. In addition to Coaching at West End, Tommy is a full-time student and is well-liked by the West End community! 

Vinny Cappuccitti is shaking the hand of Ryan Basco who is wearing his medal, they are standing just outside the boxing ring at West End Athletic Club in Toronto.

 Ryan Basco and Coach Vinny Cappuccitti

Transformation of the Year: Ryan Basco 

Ryan Basco came to the gym with a goal in mind: to have an amateur boxing bout. There was one thing that stood in his way, his weight. Since starting his first fight camp, Ryan lost over 40lbs and has transformed his lifestyle. Now, he runs by the lake every morning and always schedules 1 or 2 boxing workouts for the evening. Ryan attends West End Group Classes and has become a part of the West End Amateur Fight Team with 2 fights under his belt already. We know 2024 will be another great year for Ryan!

Vinny Cappuccitti and Christina Gagliardi are standing outside the boxing ring at West End AC. Christina is wearing black with a medal around her neck and Vinny is in a blue shirt with jeans.

Christina Gagliardi and Coach Vinny Cappuccitti

Transformation of the Year: Christina Gagliardi

Christina’s appreciation and support for West End, in addition to her hard work and dedication, are unmatched. She trains daily with her partner in crime Khoa, in either Boxing, Strength and Conditioning, or both! Both Christina and Khoa are among the top 5 members for most visits in the year. With consistency and Coach Miguel’s training, Christina is getting closer and closer to her goal and the results are showing.

Jeremy Miazga-Grzybek and Grant Ferneyhough are standing together inside West End Athletic Club in Toronto as Grant holds his medal around his neck.

Coach Jeremy Miazga-Grzybek and Grant Ferneyhough

West End Athletic Club Member of The Year: Grant Ferneyhough

Grant has been a member since 2021 and is always at every West End event. From Taste of the Kingsway to West End Fight Nights, Grant comes out to encourage both pro and amateur fighters with a positive and encouraging attitude. Grant comes all the way from the East end of the GTA and hardly ever misses a workout! West End is lucky to have such dedicated and loyal members like Grant.

Thank you to our staff, athletes, and members for making 2023 an unforgettable year of achievements and success. Congratulations to all of our award winners, we are proud of your accomplishments. Looking to start or continue your personal wellness journey? Contact us today and take a Group Class, book a Private Lesson, and start reaching beyond your potential and perhaps you’ll be one of our award winners for 2024!