Ron Sto.Domingo

AKA “Ronnie”



“Preparation for tomorrow is hard work today.” – Bruce Lee

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• Technical and Fitness boxing
• Strength and Conditioning

Coaching Philosophy:
“Boxing is self-expression and I make it a priority to let people be who they are, find their style and continue to challenge themselves. Boxing should be fun.”

Ron is a lifelong athlete and was introduced to boxing 7 years ago. Injuries forced him to take a step back from competitive training, so that’s when he shifted his focus to coaching and teaching others. Through boxing, Ron has learned so many valuable lessons, both inside and outside of the ring. It gives him great pleasure to give back to others just as much as the sport has given to Ron.

Ron has a nuanced style that blends both technical boxing skill with the art of feel and rhythm. Boxing is self-expression and he makes it a priority to let people be who they are, find their style and continue to challenge themselves. Ron believes boxing should be fun. One thing students can expect from his class is a great music playlist consisting of old and new school hip hop, rap and reggae.

Favourite Pre/Post-Workout Fuel:
“I love to train fasted and for post-workout, can’t go wrong with a Chipotle burrito or bowl!” 

Favourite Cheat-Day/Rest-Day Fuel:
“Pizza, wings and cheesecake! In that order.”

Client Testimonial:
“Ron’s class is a must to take! Training with Ron, I have to say he’s definitely the friendliest, most inviting person you could meet. You just naturally feel comfortable around him. His attention to detail and technique is impeccable, he truly helps you improve your craft as a boxer. Taking his classes are fun and intense. By the end of the class, you forget you were working out and you’re just having fun. He’s truly a very captivating, motivational coach that always has you coming back”- Stephanie D.

Outside of the gym, Ron is a professional graphic designer with 13+ years in the industry. To top it off, he is the owner and creative director for his own clothing brand – Year 1 Sportswear. Check it out on Instagram at @year1sportswear!

Interested in working with Coach Ron? Reach out to the coaching staff at West End AC by emailing