Sara Haghigat-joo is World Title Ready

West End Athletic Club is a proud supporter of Sara Haghighat-joo on her road to the World Title on April 27th, 2024.

West End Athletic Club is #TeamSara

Challenge Accepted.

Sara Haghighat-joo (3-0, WBA #8, IBF #8) against reigning WBA World Champion Maria Guadalupe Bautista (23-11-2, 6KO) for the WBA Light Flyweight World Championship at the Great Canadian Casino Resort in Toronto on April 27th.

Sara Haghighat-joo Going for History

Some people say it’s too early for Sara to be taking this fight, but Sara doesn’t base her decisions on the opinions of others; she bases them on hard work, talent, mental toughness, and her own goals and dreams.

“April 27th is big for me because I have never challenged for a World Title before, and it’s rare for someone with only 3 professional fights to do that so quickly in their career. At the start of my professional career, in November 2022, I said I wanted to move up the ranks fast; we are doing just that. In less than 18 months of turning professional, I am ready to step up to this challenge.”

Training for a Boxing World Title

There are four major World Title belts, and Sara will be fighting for her first one against Bautista. She fights year-round consistently and is always ready to enter the ring when the right opportunities present themselves. Currently, Sara is attempting to qualify for the Paris Olympics, where she fights 3-minute rounds. The World Title fight is 2-minute rounds; the shift in time isn’t big, and she feels ready for every round in the ring.

Recently, Sara, along with professional boxer and teammate Lucas Bahdi (15-0), headed to Las Vegas, Nevada for some sparring. They spent time at Top Rank Gym and DLX Boxing Gym to gain valuable experience.

Sara noted that her Coach, Stevie Bailey, “likes to get me out of my comfort zone and constantly test and challenge me, which has really done wonders for me since turning professional.”

As for the mental component, she treats all her fights the same, “The main focus is on me. As long as I trust my training and my team, I know I will be prepared.”

“Stevie has embedded technique into me. Boxing is a science and he’s made sure I have a good aptitude for the sport. If you don’t have a bit of common sense and ring IQ, then you won’t find much success in professional boxing. It’s not always about being the most athletic but rather having your IQ to rely on.”

Sara Haghighat-joo and teammate Lucas Bahdi inside MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sara Haghighat-joo and teammate Lucas Bahdi at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

DLX – Training in a World Class Gym for a World Class Fighter

What it Takes to Become a World Title Boxing Champion

Becoming a Champion, or being the best at anything, doesn’t come easy. Sara reflects on how her upbringing has taught her resiliency, and it helped mould her determination never to quit and to keep working for what she wants. “I was born to newly immigrated parents from Iran. They had nobody to support them, coming to Canada with zero English. They made one heck of a life for their kids. If it weren’t for my parents and all the crazy life events we’ve been through, I don’t think any of this success from boxing would’ve happened. It fuels my competition.”

Boxing was a choice for Sara; she is doing exactly what she wants in life right now. Professional boxing is her career and it drives her performance every day. Coach Stevie, has been instrumental in her training and success. He has never tried to change Sara’s style but rather has enhanced what she does well. Sara stated, “Coach Stevie is patient and his attention to detail is what separates him as a Coach and prepares me to fight like a Champion.”

To become a Champion, your actions must speak louder than your words. “You need to be fully invested; that means a lot of sacrifice and discipline. Most people are only half in, do that in boxing, and you’ll be exposed very quickly; so being half in isn’t an option for me. Stevie always reminds his athletes that ‘it’s not the two hours in the gym that matters. It’s the 22 hours outside of the gym that’s going to make the difference between being an average fighter or becoming a great fighter.”

No matter the day, Sara is always ready to fight. “Just the thought of competing excites me. Sometimes, before a fight, I’ll listen to music, but there have been times I don’t have my music, and I don’t let it impact my performance. I’m always ready to get in the ring and get what I like to call ‘my kind of party’ started.”

Sara Haghighat-joo sitting outside a boxing ring with her hands taped and ready to fight.

There’s no season to boxing; Sara is always ready to fight.

United Boxing Promotions poster of WBA World Championship at Toronto Casion on April 27, 2024; Guadalupe Bautista versus Sara Haghighat-joo.

United Boxing Promotions presents the WBA World Championship in Toronto on April 27th, 2024; Guadalupe Bautista versus Sara Haghighat-joo.

World Title Matchup on April 27th, 2024

Bautista is a step up from Sara’s previous opponents. She has a similar style to Esmeralda ‘La Pelusa’ Gaona, who Sara fought on October 21st, 2023, and was, at the time, ranked top 5 in the world. “Mexican boxers come to fight, so I know she will be very tough and rugged. I wish her the best of luck to her and her team. Let’s put on a great show, safe travels to Toronto!”

To all those fans who are #TEAMSARA, like West End AC is, Sara wants to say:

“Thank you all for your continued support and for sticking with me. We’re just getting started!! I want to hear you all loud and proudly repping some hot pink on April 27th. Enjoy the show, and say ‘Hi’ to me afterward.”

For tickets, contact Sara Haghighat-joo or Stevie Bailey directly via email at or Instagram @sarabox3r101@steviebailey89.