Sara Haghighat-joo

AKA “Sara


  • Boxing Canada Certified
  • 12 years boxing
  • 6 years competing internationally
  • 122 fights 104 wins
  • Current WBA Light Flyweight World Champion
  • 3x Canadian Champion
  • 2x Irish Champion
  • 2022 Continental Champion
  • Currently competing for Sierra Leone
  • Professional Boxer & Olympic Style Boxer
  • 2024 Olympic Hopeful


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• Amateur Olympic Style Boxing
• Strength & Conditioning
• HITT training
• Boot Camps

Coaching Philosophy:
“Leave the ego at the door. If you are coachable and have the willingness to learn, you will go very far and that’ll carry on to your day to day, life OR in the competition world if that’s what you’re after.”

Sara has been boxing since she was 16 years of age. She did many high school sports growing up but wanted more of a challenge so took up boxing and hasn’t looked back since.

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Sara moved to Ontario specifically to improve her boxing and get on the national team where she will then be able to travel the world and do what she loves most!

“When I started boxing I had small realistic goals for myself like getting to my first tournament, getting to win my first provincials, going to nationals, win nationals, going to international competitions and winning them and I started doing all of that way quicker then I ever imagined. I started winning a lot of tournaments provincially and rewarded best boxer of the tournament too so I thought, wow this is cool, not only am I winning but I’m also getting recognized and voted as the best here. That then continued nationally and internationally and it’s obviously always a great feeling winning a title but winning that best boxer award is just the cherry on the top.”

Sara has competed at the American Continental Championships where she placed second, she’s competed in two World Championships, and her most recent win in the amateur scene was the 2022 Continental Championships in Africa. This tournament will be the Olympic Qualifier in August of 2023 next year where it will give her a chance to qualify for a spot at the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France. 

As a professional Sara is currently 1-0 and trying to move up the professional ranks as quickly as possible to chase after a world title all while pursuing her Olympic dream. 

“I think it’s the small goals I set out for myself that led me to where I am now. I didn’t jump into boxing thinking I’m going to be a world champion. I’ve done my time, put in the work and it’s all slowly starting to pay off.”

Favourite Pre-Workout Fuel:
Peanut butter (preferably smooth) and banana sandwich on whole grain toast

Favourite Post-Workout Fuel:
Massive salad with all the toppings and any kind of protein

Favourite Rest Day Fuel:
Sweet potato, jumbo salad and any kind of protein.
If I get to treat myself then I’m definitely going for a nice decadent cupcake.

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