We have a true passion for boxing.


Our team has trained in the boxing world for generations. Read about our background and experience below, or come in to the gym and meet the whole team! 



Remo DiCarlo a lifelong resident of Etobicoke was Canada’s Lightweight Boxing Champion from 1983-1986.

Remo’s amateur boxing years started at age 13 and encompassed 55 contests with only 6 losses. He won the Ontario title at age 15 and held onto it for two years, along with being the bronze medalist in the Canadian championships. Remo turned professional at the age of 17. He won the Canadian Lightweight title from Johnny Summerhays at the age of 19 and held on to the title for 4 years. Some of his most memorable opponents were Louis Loy and Kenny “Bang-Bang” Bognar (former world ranked top ten contenders), Gaetan Hart (former Canadian Lightweight Champion), and Mario Cusson (former Canadian Welterweight Champion). Remo culminated a six-year professional career with 23 wins and only 2 defeats.

In 1984-1985, Remo was awarded Canadian Professional Fighter of the Year by the Canadian Boxing Federation for defending his Canadian Title four times in one year. In 1985, Remo was awarded the honour of being Faustina’s Etobicoke Sportsman of the Year and in 1997, Remo was inducted into the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame.

Remo continues to be an active participant in the boxing community by supporting local boxers, training young boxers and by continuing his own training.



Robbie Roe possessed everything a great fighter should have in his arsenal of fistic secrets … speed, power, grit, courage, poise and very efficient with his movements, all the makings of a great champion.

Roe was once internationally known as “the Fastest Hands in Canada” – this label was coined by the great Tony Unitas (renowned promoter and owner of the Toronto Newsboys Athletic Club that produced some of the greatest fighters that came out of Toronto). Roe had proven why he earned that moniker, on many occasions. Joe Lyle and Calvin Porter were just two of the opponents that Roe dominated over.

Possessing an impressive amateur record of 40-4, using his extremely hard hitting yet very elusive style, Robbie was the runner-up for the AAU Golden Globes in Syracus, N.Y. and he earned the Canadian Golden Gloves title, two-time Ontario Championship title as well as becoming a two-time silver medalist at the Canadian Championships, one of which these contests was evenly matched against Ricky Anderson of Nova Scotia.

After retiring from boxing and starting a family, Robbie continues to help train boxers and athletes, as well as participate in many boxing events around Ontario.


Vinny was born into a fighting family… essentially learning how to box as soon as he was able to walk. Boxing was a passion of his father, a nationally ranked amateur, winning the Ontario Golden Gloves championship and a silver medalist at the Canadian Nationals. The love of boxing was passed down to Vinny and his 3 siblings.

Vinny began to seriously train as a means of self defence, but it grew into a greater, lifelong passion. He eventually got the competition bug and competed at the amateur level.

Vinny now stays active in the boxing community through a strong rapport with notable boxers and trainers he met along the way. He's involved with his own training, plus the training of other boxers and people just wanting to keep active and get fit.


Rico Tatangelo started his love for the contact sports at the age of 13 when he started attending at the famous Toronto Newsboys boxing gym on weekends with his friends. His love for the contact sports lead his transition into the martial arts and he began training in disciplines such as Judo and Tae Kwan Doe. At the age of 16 he joined the Twin Dragon Kung Fu and kickboxing Club and never looked back.

In 1994 Rico won the coveted New York State PKC amateur title, with only 11 amateur fights under his belt. After turning professional his debut was at Lamport Stadium in Toronto where he won his first professional bout against Jim "Thunder Foot" Fritz. He quickly made his way through the ranks in the American Style kickboxing circuit which landed him a title shot in 1997 against the 10 year veteran Ernie Kitterman from Belleville Illinois. Tatangelo dominated his opponent so much that the fight was stopped in the seventh round and he became the FFKA World Super Middleweight Champion. 

In 1997 Tatangelo picked up his second professional title. He fought and beat Marc Ourgeis from Winnipeg for the Canadian title. Tatangelo maintained both titles until he retired from professional kickboxing in 2002. In 2006 Rico started personal training both amateur and professional fighters, as well as those looking to get in shape and reach a higher level of fitness. Some of the fighters he worked with include the current Canadian Heavyweight Champion boxer Raymond Olubowale (nicknamed Mount Kilimanjaro) as well as UFC stars Sean Pierson and Claude Patrick.

Rico maintains his love for the sport by working part time with upcoming fighters and those that just want a little more out of their training sessions.



Michelle Caneo is currently a highly competitive boxer and aspiring World Champion.  With over 10 years experience in boxing, Michelle is a Golden Gloves Champion and has been awarded “Fighter of the Year” by Sully’s Boxing Gym and “Athlete of the Week” by City TV.  In addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer, she has earned a Canadian Red Cross CPR C and AE certification, which she keeps current.   Michelle says that during her career she has had the good fortune of training with a variety excellent coaches and that boxing has given her the opportunity to learn many valuable life lessons. Michelle is passionate about teaching her students how to improve their fitness level, teach proper boxing technique and skills, transform their bodies and keep them fully engaged in a fun and motivating atmosphere. 

Natasha Spence


Natasha Spence (referred to by most as Nightmare) is a World Champion Professional Boxer with a record of 8 wins (6 by Knock Out), 3 Loses & 2 draws. As a true 'Road Warrior’ the Nightmare has repeatedly travelled near and far to challenge competition in enemy territory. She won the WBF Super Lightweight Title in May of 2016. Nightmare is known (& feared) mostly for her punching Power. With hand speed and the footwork to go with it, she has been (& still is) avoided by many in the sport.

With 13 years of boxing experience she has a strong sense, and great eye for proper boxing mechanics. She has been teaching boxing for as long as she has been in the sport. Being taught from the very beginning, to pass the information she learned on to beginners and Youth. Eventually she would teach Fitness Boxing Classes, Semi-Private Boxing Classes, and even Private (1-on-1) Clients. As she quickly advanced as an instructor, she went on to help Coach Elite level Competitive Amateur Fighters. The time invested as well as the experiences gained from teaching boxing full-time (for almost a decade) have propelled her to an Elite Level Coach, Trainer, & Fighter.



Stephanie Di Grazia is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, public speaker, co-author and weight loss coach based in Toronto. Nicknamed “The Walking Google”, she is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable individuals at her craft. After graduating from York University with a degree in Psychology, her interest and experience with holistic health from a young age led her to attend the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Through her education Stephanie has developed an extensive understanding of how food, supplements, and lifestyle can help to manage illness and optimize health.

Through her nutritional consulting business, Stephanie has successfully been able to transform the lives of countless individuals and worked with a diverse clientele with expertise in working with a wide range of health conditions and health goals. 
She has worked with athletes including OHL players, baseball players, boxers, bodybuilding and fitness competitors, to models, elderly, teachers, children, stay-at-home parents, and officer workers. 

Stephanie has been featured on multiple television networks and presented at tradeshows and expos including:

ROGERS TV Guest Star on The DYNAMO Entrepreneur
TAG TV as a Holistic Expert
CanFit Pro World Fitness Expo
Whole Life Expo
Total Health Show
Contributing Author & Holistic Expert on SIXTYMAG wellness e-book and webinar series

Stephanie is also an avid social media figure known for her creative and delicious recipe makeovers. She strives to make a social impact to inspire, educate and motivate people worldwide in how to achieve better health and create healthy meals. 
Stephanie also works with a physiotherapy clinic and provides nutritional consulting and product development for Toronto’s Leading Vegan Soft Serve Ice Cream bar Nanashake, and has recently launched her own line of vegan friendly, gluten free protein bites Sweet & Sensible by Stephanie




With a focus on manual therapy treatment along with a passion for rehabilitative interventions through movement, Dr. Robert Villa is able to provide his patients with treatment resulting in long-term success. In the short-term, his goals are to alleviate his patients' pain and suffering, and as they progress, there is a shift to more corrective and preventative therapeutics. With Dr. Villa's strong background in kinesiology and human biomechanics, along with his personal training and strength and conditioning expertise, he is fully equipped and able to utilize an individualized approach to managing pain and optimizing performance.

Dr. Robert Villa obtained his BA with honours in Kinesiology graduating with Cum Laude distinction from York University in 2013.  He then obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic through a grueling and demanding 4-year program from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College graduating in 2017.  In 2016, he attended the world renowned Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga’s Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program at McMaster University receiving his certification and further improving his treatment arsenal. 

Via his academics, with a focus on human physiology, anatomy, biomechanics and nutrition, along with his athletic background in hockey and soccer, Dr. Villa developed a passion for bodybuilding and strength training.  He has been a certified personal trainer since 2009, and currently still embodies the lifestyle prioritizing his training and nutrition year-round.  His treatment manifests these passions, in line with the most current research, focusing on movement and proper training in order to optimize his patient’s health and injuries.

SWETA Srivastava


Sweta comes from a kickboxing background, but found true passion in boxing several years ago. Sweta has studied under Olympic-level coach, Socrates. She has trained to compete, as well as taken mentorship training to coach. Sweta is a fully certified Boxing Canada Coach and has coached in local, provincial, national and international level tournaments. She has a practical approach to teaching, with a unique style that is aggressive yet compassionate.

Sweta believes in positively encouraging women to take part in this male dominated sport and she loves to challenge men to work up to a competitive level. Sweta encourages everyone to try her class which will challenge them to achieve their next level of boxing and fitness. She pushes the boundaries of everyone in her class to help them achieve the highest level of greatness they have inside of them!



Brandon "Tommy" Tomines is an amateur kick-boxer and personal trainer based out of Toronto. He has been training in Muay Thai/Kickboxing since 2013. He has had the opportunity to follow his passion and trained and learned in Southern Alberta, Toronto, and most recently in Las Vegas.

Tommy attended Sheridan College where he received his Ontario College Certificate for completing the Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership program. Tommy is a certified Level 2 Kickboxing Instructor and is currently in the process of obtaining his Boxing Ontario Level 1 Coaching Certification through Boxing Canada.

Before Tommy began training in martial arts he was a high level hockey player. He played hockey at the Junior A level, and was drafted by the OHL with aspirations to play NCAA in the United States. Tommy has a great understanding of what it takes to be a competitive athlete and is focused on helping everyone achieve their fitness goals!