Brandon Tomines

AKA “Tommy”


“Don’t count the days, make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali

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• Boxing and Kickboxing for fitness and amateur competition
• One-on-One Boxing training for skill development and fitness improvement
• Focus mitt/pad training

Coaching Philosophy:
“I am always willing to learn and improve my skills and teaching capabilities. Focusing on a constant state of personal growth elevates the quality of my coaching abilities towards my students. An open mind is essential for both students and teachers.”

Tommy is an amateur competitor and has been training in Muay Thai and Boxing since 2012. He has been able to follow his passion and continue with his training from Toronto to Alberta and most recently, Las Vegas.

As a former Junior A Level hockey player drafted by the OHL, Tommy has the discipline and drive of a competitive athlete that he instills in all of his clients.

Client Testimonials:
“As someone who entered the sport with no real understanding of boxing movement or technique, and only 12 weeks to prepare for my first fight, I couldn’t have asked for a better, more demanding and more supportive coach. Tommy knows his stuff backwards and forwards… but more importantly, he listens. He adapts to your vocabulary, your athleticism, your individual strengths and weaknesses and he makes sure you know how to take advantage of them. Walking into a boxing ring is a serious commitment. Having him as my coach and in my corner gave me the confidence and skills to never doubt myself because he never doubted me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.” – Todd H.

“Coach Tommy is one of the best trainers in Etobicoke. He invests time to understand your goals, experience, strengths and weaknesses and creates programming that helps to push past your limits. Even after 2 years of training he keeps it fresh and engaging every session. There’s never a dull moment with Tommy and there’s really no limit to the skill and confidence you’ll develop with him.” – Danny L.

“I started training with Tommy during the summer of 2019. As a national level athlete, I was looking for something different to add to my off-season training. Boxing challenged my stamina and co-ordination in a way I’ve never experienced before, Tommy was able to teach and guide me through all of these new skills. The skills that Tommy worked me through translated well over to hockey: my overall conditioning, power endurance and hand eye co-ordination noticeably increased as the summer went on. He created an environment that I continuously wanted to be a part of each week, he knew how to communicate and push me to be better each session. Whether you are a longtime veteran of the sport or a beginner, Tommy knows how to create an environment that makes everyone comfortable and wanting to come back for more!” – Jamie R

“I started training with Tommy 2 years ago. He brought my fitness to a whole new level. I wanted to add something new to my fitness regime for my policing career. Tommy always made me feel welcome and comfortable. Classes are challenging but achievable. Tommy is very knowledgeable and shows it throughout every session. He was able to teach me different techniques while making it fun every work out. Tommy makes an effort to know everyone and assist in any way. If you are looking for a new trainer, to get in a great workout, and build your strength and endurance. I suggest you go to Tommy.” – Avery S.

“Tommy is an amazing coach, he takes the time to get to know his clients and understand their goals. He will work with you to ensure that you get the most out of your workouts. The one thing I love the most about his programming is that the exercises are never boring, he keeps the workouts interesting and most importantly he will keep challenging you. He has taught me that working out can actually be fun and not a chore. Highly recommend him for your fitness needs!!” – Dr. Christine M.

“I’ve been training with Tommy for years now and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Whether you are looking to sharpen up your boxing or looking to get a good workout, Tommy is your guy!” – Michael N.

“One of Tommy’s strongest attributes as a teacher, is his ability to work with everyone from rank beginners to seasoned boxers. He recognizes what each student needs to improve their skills and meets them there. His workouts are always disciplined, challenging and FUN.” – Lynda S.

Interested in working with Coach Tommy? Reach out to the coaching staff at the West End AC by emailing