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“Actions Speak Louder Than Words” my father
“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins

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• In Ring Psychology/Philosophy
•The Jab
•Power Punching

Coaching Philosophy:
“As a student, I will never get you to do anything I have not done myself nor would do myself. If I have and can do it… so can you. Thats how I know it works. I’ve been blessed with THE BEST teachers and coaches in the game. If it worked for them, it works for me…and if it works for me…it works for you!”

“Stick to the fundamentals. The basics will get you in and out of trouble EVERY TIME!”

Vinny has been boxing and punching for as long as he was able to walk.  His father, Danny, was a highly ranked national champion so, needless to say, boxing was a family sport passed down to his children.  From 5 years old on, punching was Vinny’s favourite thing to do. It wasn’t until grade school where the self defence aspect of boxing really caused Vinny to fall in love with the sport, as he used it as a way to overcome personal problems in school. This was when boxing became his superpower.  Boxing has been a passion, hobby and daily occurrence for Vinny literally every day of his life. He’s either practicing it, talking about it, watching it or teaching it. After a couple of successful amateurs bouts, he turned his sights to coaching. Now, as the owner of the West End Athletic Club, Vinny is lucky enough to pass on his knowledge that he has learned from the greatest coaches in the game!  His coaching style is a hybrid of new school and old school. He blends the mindset and the tenacity of old school training with the intelligence and understanding of new school methodology and training. Big on psychology, Vinny doesn’t teach you a punch unless you understand why you’re throwing it first. ANYBODY can be a boxing trainer and hold pads…Vinny prides himself on being a boxing COACH and TEACHER of the SWEET SCIENCE!

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Client Testimonials:
Vinny Cappuccitti….The epitome of motivation, support and knowledge!  As a personal trainer/coach, Vinny has the extensive knowledge base AND the positive attitude that DRIVES! My introduction to Vinny as a trainer was intimidating, at first.  That intimidation was misplaced as it immediately became understanding and dedication to making myself stronger and focused.  With Vinnys help and motivational coaching, I understand my goals and strive for success.  Success not to be realized in the physical terms like size or weight, but focus, attitude, positivity, endurance and longevity.  Thank you to Coach Vinny and the West End Team for your dedication and motivation!” –  Rose L.

I have been training with COACH VINNY from Westend Athletic Club since February 2018.  I was very uncomfortable and out of shape to say the least.  I started with personal training 3 days a week and that led to 5 days week and now 6 days.  Coach Vinny introduced me to boxing and, to say the least, it became something I really enjoyed.  He is always right on track with my training and takes me out of my comfort zone.  His expertise, knowledge, support and patience with the personal training and boxing shaped me into a person who actually really enjoys working out today!  Always there for his students, whether it is a question about training or just being a sounding board while training on bad day! Needless to say, I have had many personal trainers over the years and I have not had as much success with my workout journey as I have to date with Coach Vinny.  I prefer the one-on-one training as this is where I stay most focused.   COVID-19 hit March 2020, everything shut down and working in the healthcare industry I did not have much of an option to stay home and quarantine.  I thought more now than ever I need to keep up with my training to keep my body and MIND healthy.  I reached out to Coach Vinny and he offered to me train 5-6 days a week over ZOOM since our in person training had to stop. Once we began training at the end of my work day it was the best part of my day.  He taught me consistency, determination and to keep pushing.  When I wanted to call it quits he did not let me give up on myself. The world was in lock down, businesses closing and Coach Vinny never missed a beat and was right there making sure I was okay ready to train and push me.  I trained almost every day and still do today. To look at where I was when I started my journey to today (mentally and physically) is really something I am proud of and grateful for.   Thank you to my coach Vinny and to the Westend Athletic Club team for working with me on my journey and for being such a great support system.  I highly recommend you go and check out Westend Athletic Club the equipment and classes are top notch, the team is welcoming and will do whatever it takes to make you feel at home and comfortable.  I would recommend trying a personal training session with Coach Vinny. (Trust me, it will not be your last), it will change your outlook on working out and being the best you can at whatever you put your mind to.   I would never have thought I would be the girl who would love boxing so much that I would consider training for an amateur boxing match one day. (You never know!) This is the kind of support and determination to be better and do better you receive with Coach Vinny and the Westend Athletic team!  I am over 35 pounds less than where I started and not to mention I am 48 years old (shhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and feel better than ever have.” – Connie G.

“Vinny is an amazing trainer and coach.  He takes the time to understand your lifestyle and works within it.  Helping you break old habits and create new positive ones.  With his unique approach, it’s allowed him to connect with each client on a professional and personal level.  I would recommend him to all family and friends!” – Marcello A.

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