West End AC’s Coach Stevie Bailey Reflects On Boxers Sara Haghighat-joo and Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki and What Makes Them World Title Ready

Sara Haghighat-joo and Ryan "The Bruiser" Rozicki standing in a boxing ring at West End Athletic Club in Toronto.

Sara Haghighat-joo and Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki are ready to fight for a World Title

Making history comes at a price, one that Sara Haghighat-joo and Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki have been paying since they started their professional boxing careers. Other than World Titles on the line, these two boxers share a common driving force: Coach Stevie Bailey

With over 25 years of boxing and Coaching experience, Coach Stevie has been dubbed the Coach behind the best fighters in Toronto; his athletes would argue the world. When asked if he had to guess how many hours he spends at West End Athletic Club, it was easily over 80 per week: 30-40 hours solely with his athletes, 35+ hours with private clients, and 5-10+ hours running classes for members and overseeing the gym.

This is a testament to what he reminds his athletes of: it’s the time you put in outside of competition that determines the end result. Coach Stevie has always been self-motivated, and he has never lacked the discipline to chase his goals and create the life he wants for himself and his family.

“I’ve been involved with boxing my entire life and genuinely don’t consider it a job. It’s my passion, and it’s easy to dedicate so much effort and time to something you’re genuinely passionate about.”

Not only does his experience provide him with the knowledge and expertise to train others, but he acknowledges that there’s always something to learn for his own development as a Coach. Coach Stevie spends time studying the best athletes, Coaches, and Boxers from every era, past and present, which allows him to adapt as a Coach and understand what his athletes are facing.

His Coaching Philosophy?

“I like to focus on the basics. The Boxer’s personality and physical capability will dictate style, ring psychology, and tactical understanding. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to coaching.”

Sara Haghighat-joo and Coach Stevie Bailey in a West End Athletic Club boxing ring.

Sara Haghighat-joo and Coach Stevie Bailey stay focused on their goal – WBA Light Flyweight World Title Champion

The Coaching Journey of Sara Haghighat-joo and Coach Stevie

Coach Stevie shared that, “It’s been a long journey. We are in our 12th year together. In that time, she has been fully committed to boxing and is the only full-time athlete I know other than Lucas Bahdi. She does not take breaks or extended time away from the gym. She doesn’t drink or smoke. She varies her training so she’s not overtraining or undertraining at any point. She continuously learns from every mistake and grows from it.”

He acknowledges that Sara has experienced a lot of failures but her mindset is to grow every time; this is exactly what has led to her success.

As for training sessions with Sara? Coach Stevie says the approach varies and depends on the phase of training they’re in, Sara’s physical condition, and even more importantly her mental condition. Ultimately, Coach Stevie does his best to understand her in order to match her character, style, and personality to her boxing performance. “I’m not here to change her, but to enhance her strengths and manage her challenges.”

Sara Haghighat-joo and Coach Stevie Bailey getting ready to train at West End AC in Toronto.

Sara Haghighat-joo and Coach Stevie Bailey, a world-class team

“Sara is on another level compared to most athletes I know, she dedicates about 40 hours a week to her training. This paired with her focus, drive, and mentality to improve are what make her a World Contender.”

April 27th, 2024 at Toronto Casino, Sara will face Guadalupe Bautista of Mexico, the current WBA Light Flyweight Champion. Coach Stevie feels that this fight “is a sum of her efforts over the last 13 years rolled into one night. It begins the next phase of her career.”

For tickets, contact Sara Haghighat-joo or Stevie Bailey directly via email at sarajoo17@gmail.comstevie@westendac.com or Instagram @sarabox3r101@steviebailey89.

The Coaching Journey of Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki and Coach Stevie

When it comes to Ryan Rozicki, Coach Stevie couldn’t help but reflect on the years of ups and downs and how it has gotten them to where he is today. “It’s been an interesting journey with Ryan, from local-level pro to a world-ranked contender; truly incredible and enjoyable as his Coach.”

Like Sara and most of Coach Stevie’s athletes, their training sessions depend on their phase of training; as much as physical condition matters, Coach Stevie emphasizes understanding his athletes’ mental condition to maximize their performance. Ryan spends anywhere from 20-25 hours in the gym per week, making sure he puts in the time so that he is ready to fight whenever the time comes.

Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki and Coach Stevie Bailey take a moment in the ring to absorb the victory against Olanrewaju Durodola.

After defeating Olanrewaju Durodola, Coach Stevie will help prepare Rozicki as the official mandatory challenger for the WBC Cruiserweight Title against Noel Mikaelyan

Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki observes Sara Haghigat-joo sparring at West End Athletic Club in Toronto.

Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki observes Sara Haghigat-joo sparring at West End AC

When asked what has led to Rozicki’s success as a boxer, Coach Stevie replied that “Ryan was destined for greatness in whatever career he chose. He’s a unique individual who’s capable of great things. He understands his style and how to impose his will on his opponent.”

Coach Stevie spends time trying to understand Ryan so that he can get the best out of his character, style, and personality. “I try to develop him as much as possible while allowing him to be himself.”

What Separates an Average Fighter From a World Champion?

“The 2 hours in the gym training are the easiest hours of the day. It’s the 22 hours outside of training that separates the two.”

Are you ready to stay disciplined for 22 hours of the day in order to achieve greatness?

The answer for both Sara and Ryan is a resounding yes. They are focused on one fight at a time, Coach Stevie is adamant that they never look past their opponents; the focus is solely on the next fight for both of them.

Learn more about Sara Haghighat-joo, Ryan Rozicki, and Coach Stevie Bailey by visiting their home away from home: West End Athletic Club. Whether it’s training for a World Title or to live a healthy, active lifestyle, you can find the right training program at West End AC.