West End Athletic Club – Our Story

Boxing is not just a sport or a pass time hobby, to the Cappuccitti family it is our lives. Whether it is training together, watching title match fights on pay-per-view in the basement of our home, collecting memorabilia from around the world or discussing the career path of a professional in the headlines, boxing is the glue to our busy family of six.

It has always been a family ritual to go to the boxing gym every Sunday morning and train together; our favourite way to bond and feel connected. Some families play hockey or football together, our family boxes together. Through this love for the sport, it was a natural transition for us to take our passion and invest it in opening The West End Athletic Club in Etobicoke.

We wanted to open up the world of boxing and bring elite athleticism to the community that we cherished. My husband and I met at a boxing gym in Etobicoke, where we were raised in the west end of Toronto. Choosing an Etobicoke location was an easy decision, and very dear to our hearts.

The West End Athletic Club is retrofitted with red clay baked bricks from the oldest brick company in North America and narrow wood slat floors to reflect the athletic clubs we admire from the past. Nostalgic fight posters and photos collected from around the world hang on the walls creating a treasure trove. When the word spread that we were opening the gym, some of the fighters themselves gifted us their posters as a form of appreciation in return for showcasing their accomplishments.

We wanted to separate ourselves from other boxing gyms and provide a safe and inclusive environment, that is why we built this gym with home in mind. Our family wants to provide quality boxing and fitness training through inspiration, not intimidation. Most importantly, we want to share our passion and provide a place where people can come and feel welcomed, part of something bigger than just a gym. All of our members should feel like they belong because they are an addition to The West End Athletic Club family.

-The West End Family