WEST END ATHLETIC CLUB safe return to training protocol


ALL PARTICIPANTS IN BOXING ACTIVITIES MUST BE REGISTERED WITH BOXING ONTARIO as either a REC or COMPETITIVE member and all training must be conducted or supervised by a BOXING ONTARIO licensed coach or official.




1. Club Access:
West End Athletic Club Members must pre-purchase a training package prior to coming to the gym. Members must sign into each class/training session via MindBody prior to coming to the gym. Reception will have a document which they personally will keep a log of sign in times and sign out times of anyone entering the gym. This log will include members, volunteers, workers, visitors, owners, coaches and sub-contracted coaches. (Only the receptionist will handle this log)
2. Daily Pre-Opening Check Process:
A) A WINDPRO® INFORMATION Sign will be placed just outside the entrance of the West End Athletic Club with the following signs posted:
i) ATTENTION VISITORS! sign which has Covid-19 Symptoms identifiers and instructions of not to enter should visitors display any of these symptoms.
ii) West End Athletic Club’s CLEANING and DISINFECTING information sign
iii) STOP THE SPREAD sign outlining measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19
vii) MEMBERS ONLY sign. We will also have a note regarding entry of a parent or guardian if the member is a minor.
x) West End Athletic Club’s RETURN TO TRAINING PROTOCOL document.

B) CLUB OWNER/STAFF will open the gym in the morning and sanitize all equipment and training areas, washrooms, common areas before members enter the facility.

C) CLUB OWNER/STAFF will check stock each morning to ensure complete inventory of cleaning supplies are on hand for the day for staff and member’s perusal.

D) CLUB OWNER/STAFF will check stock of hand sanitizer in each dispenser located throughout the gym to ensure readily available for all persons entering the facility.

3. Daily Closing Check Process:
CLUB OWNER/STAFF will close the gym each evening following the sanitization of all equipment and training areas. Any items left behind by members or staff will be removed from the building.

4. Screening Procedure:
A)Members/visitors will be asked Covid-19 symptom questions when scheduling a visit to the gym and will not be permitted to enter the gym if they answer YES to any of the questions.

B) Covid-19 Screening signs will be displayed on the entrance sign and also on the lobby bulletin board.

C) West End Athletic Club will have a safety protocol trained staff on hand at all times during opening hours who will actively verbally screen all persons entering the gym.

5. Contamination Risk Assessment; Cleaning/sanitizing/disinfection of the facility and equipment checklist with timelines; Cleaning products and equipment inventory checklist.

6. PPE requirements Procedure and inventory checklist.
All Staff must wear gloves and masks when cleaning/sanitizing and disinfecting the facility. These PPE will be provided. PPE will also be available to anyone entering the gym.

7. Physical Distancing Protocol and checklist and Enforcement Procedure.
A) We will follow the Government of Ontario capacity guidelines by controlling how many persons are permitted in our facility at one time.

B) Members need to sign into their classes and open gym workout sessions with MINDBODY via our website or on their mobile app prior to coming to the gym. There is a cut-off time of one hour prior to attending the gym for sign-ins.

C) ALL payments will be made online prior to coming to the gym.

D) Time spent before and after class should be limited to allow for seamless transition in between classes.

E) We will have floor markers of 6 feet for all classes, bags and workout stations.

F) We will have directional arrow markers on the floor.

G) No contact during training and classes with each other and coaches.

H) Change rooms and showers will be closed so members are encouraged to come dressed to work out. Members are also encouraged to leave their gym bags in their car and to bring indoor athletic shoes to change into once inside the reception area.

I) Members will need to bring their own gloves, wraps, skipping rope and mats (we have all these items for sale for convenience).

J) All towels, mats, skipping ropes, yoga blocks and boxing gloves and wraps, paddles and pads have been removed from the gym.

8. Signage: See #2; #4B and #7E and F

9. Toronto Public Health Contact Procedure and Plan in effect.



We currently have 150 non-medical masks, 150 disposable gloves, Microfibre towels for Cleaning in Red, Yellow, Blue and Green (432 of each color), 6 ULINE cloth wipers, 24 I L bottles of SANISPRAY,
6 Touchless Gym Wipe dispensers, 6 side entry trash cans.


West End Athletic Club requires all members to pre book their visits to the gym a minimum of 1 hour before start time via our MINDBODY software. All payments must be made online prior to coming to the gym. Reception will also manually keep a chart of persons entering and exiting the building for CONTACT TRACING purposes.


Our staff has been trained on this Return to Training Policy and have also attended the Boxing Ontario KO-Covid Taskforce seminar.


All of our doors are touches and auto-opening. Our water filing station is touchless. We have installed 2 touchless Purrel dispensers in the reception area, one at the entrance of the gym and 4 in the gym space.


PLEASE SEE #2. In addition, we have installed new ‘STAFF ONLY’ signs on each door that the members are not permitted through.


We have posted on our reception bulletin board and our outdoor signage a letter from RSG Heating and AirConditioning Ltd. detailing the HVAC and FRESH AIR EXCHANGE systems that we have in place in our facility.


Currently our Mens and Womens Changerooms, showers and locker rooms are closed. Our UNIVERSAL Washroom will be available for use to wash hands and toilette use. This space is also our First Aid Room.


Our Juice and Coffee Bar is closed.


We will be maintaining a a physical distancing policy of 2 meters for workout stations and training sessions. We have floor decals in place to indicate physical distancing in addition to directional arrows to indicate traffic flow.


ALL bags and training spaces will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. Supplies will be on hand for members and staff to do so.


All towels, mats, skipping ropes, yoga blocks and boxing gloves and wraps, paddles and pads have been removed from the gym. We have all these items for purchase online on our website.


Our canvas covered ring will be closed until further notice.


Training shall be individual based with no physical contact; inclusive of hand pad or other similar work.


Non-medical masks and gloves are on hand for all staff to use during cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting.


West End Athletic Club will complete a deep cleaning over each night. All waste and items left behind from members or visitors will be removed each night.



Please see #4 of West End Athletic Club RETURN TO TRAINING POLICY above.


West End Athletic Club will conform to all Toronto Public Health requirements.


West End Athletic Club owners, staff and volunteers will be trained on and comply with our SAFE RETURN TO TRAINING PROTOCOL.


All of staff and coaches have participate in Boxing Ontario’s “RETURN TO TRAINING” web seminar.


Prior to opening, an email will be sent to all of West End Athletic Club members relayng all information on our latest updates and all the items in West End Athletic Club’s RETURN TO TRAINING PROTOCOL. This information will be available online via our website and also a printed copy will be placed on our exterior sign and on the lobby bulletin board and on the exterior sign.


CLEANING: removes pathogens, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Use soap (or detergent) and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. This process doesn’t kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.

DISINFECTING: kills pathogens on surfaces or objects. Disinfection works by using chemicals to kill germs and viruses on surfaces or objects. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove pathogens, but by killing pathogens on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

SANITIZING: lowers the number of pathogens on surfaces or objects to a safe level, as judged by public health standards or requirements. This process works by either cleaning or disinfecting surfaces or objects to lower the risk of spreading infection.