West End Athletic Club’s Award for Biggest Transformation Goes to Ryan Basco

Vinny Cappuccitti is shaking the hand of Ryan Basco who is wearing his medal, they are standing just outside the boxing ring at West End Athletic Club in Toronto.

Ryan Basco accepts his award from Vinny Cappuccitti at West End AC’s Awards Night

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? According to Amazon’s Alexa, did you know that 36% of people give up on their resolutions by the end of January? And by the end of February, 92% of people’s resolutions fizzle out.

Ryan Basco wasn’t about to hinge his goals with the odds stacked against him. Understanding the science behind a compound effect, in 2023 he decided he wanted to transform his body and compete in one official amateur boxing bout. With determination and making little daily changes, he garnered big results; including the West End Athletic Club Award for the Biggest Transformation in 2023.

Born and raised in the Toronto area, of Filipino descent, Ryan has worked hard to develop a thriving career in tech sales. He travels frequently but is committed to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. As a child, Ryan always played sports and thrived in competition. Whatever he set his mind to, he accomplished. Being active was a natural part of his life, ensuring he incorporated some form of activity. Whether going for a walk, a run, boxing, or strength training, Ryan enjoys being active for his physical and mental health.

From left to right, standing shoulder to shoulder with their hands up in fists: Sarah Haghigat-joo, Vinny Cappuccitti, Ryan Basco, and Stevie Bailey.

Inspired by the technical boxing of Sara Haghigat-joo, Ryan Basco competes in his second amateur bout in 2023

How Ryan Ended Up at West End Athletic Club

Growing up Ryan remembers watching boxing with his family during the Manny Pacquiao era. He has always loved the sport, and in February 2023 he saw Sara Haghigat-Joo fight at the CAA Centre. “I didn’t know who she was, but I loved the pure boxing skills she showcased.” By coincidence, or fate, Ryan happened to move to the Toronto Lakeshore area shortly after seeing Sara fight and he needed a boxing gym closer to his new home.

“I decided to look up where Sara was training and found myself attending her technical boxing classes at West End Athletic Club. After a short time, I was invited to join their technical sparring class, and Coach Stevie Bailey suggested I join the fighter training classes.”

Currently, Ryan attends Miguel Valdez’s strength and conditioning class on Wednesday nights and then attends at least two to three other boxing classes at West End AC throughout the week. Beyond the gym, Ryan keeps up his cardio by running two to three times a week.

Ryan Basco is in the West End Athletic Club boxing ring with a member ready to sparr.

Ryan Basco is in the West End Athletic Club boxing ring with a member ready to sparr.

“My favourite thing to do at West End AC is technical sparring with different opponents. West End AC has built such a great program, it’s in a controlled and safe environment so anyone can try boxing or sparring for the first time and not feel intimidated.

As a more experienced boxer, I enjoy helping other people with sparring so they can gain confidence and their reps in a sport I love. It’s just a great community of people looking to have fun, get a great workout, and not worry so much about damaging their bodies that would come with uncontrolled sparring.”

Setting Goals and Working Hard at West End Athletic Club

When starting at West End, Ryan focused on achieving a physical transformation that could inspire and prove to others that, with hard work and commitment, it’s possible to achieve the goals you set for yourself. “I also had the goal of competing in at least one amateur boxing bout. Not only did I transform my body, but I competed in two fight experiences; I ended up proving to myself that it’s possible to not only achieve the goals you set but exceed them.”

One of the hardest things about working out is getting into a rhythm and keeping that momentum and routine going. Ryan believes in the importance of enjoying your workout. So many options are available for anyone to find something they can connect with. No matter your goals, there’s a workout routine that fits your needs and can be fun.

Ryan Basco wearing boxing gloves focused and ready to hit the punching bag inside West End Athletic Club Toronto.

With hard work and determination, Ryan Basco proved to himself he could exceed his own goals

Ryan Basco in the boxing ring at West End Athletic Club wearing sparring gear.

No matter what, Ryan Basco achieves what he sets his mind to

Ryan stays motivated by reminding himself that whatever he sets his mind to, he knows he can execute and get it done. “When I say I’m going to do something, I know I can rely on myself and achieve it. I’ve lost over 25lbs from when I started at West End in June 2023. Going there has provided me with a supportive and reliable place to help me lead an active lifestyle; I can box a lot of rounds now without gassing out.”

What’s Next for Ryan Basco at West End AC?

“My journey at West End AC has been great, I am so thankful for the support from everyone there; the owners, the staff, the Coaches, my teammates. West End is a community, a real family environment where everyone is welcoming, says hi, and talks to one another. No matter the time of day I go, there’s always a familiar face.”

Competing in two boxing matches, Ryan surpassed his initial goal. He now has his sights set on running a half marathon on May 5th, 2024. “I’ve started training for the half marathon already, I feel great, just better overall health from my previous weight. I look better physically and have gained more confidence, which has positively impacted many other aspects of my life. I feel like I’m thriving, and it started with deciding I would make a change and translate something I loved to watch into something that I actively do.”

Getting motivated to go to the gym can be hard, especially if you aren’t looking forward to what you will be doing. Ryan’s advice rings true, “find something that keeps you active and that you enjoy, it makes working out so much easier to translate into a permanent lifestyle change. Challenge yourself, find a quest and start your journey to a stronger more confident self. Build compounding habits, small changes garner big results over time.”

Ready to achieve your fitness goals in 2024? Join a Group Class, do some Private Training, West End Athletic Club offers something for everyone. Follow Ryan’s lead and prove yourself right, because whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve.